Genres Of New Orleans Music

Genres Of New Orleans Music

New Orleans, founded in 1718, is popularly known as the birthplace of the most influential musical beats in the world. Music is indeed a tradition in this place where you will get to hear the tunes and melodies even from the shops in the street to bars and concerts! This music has made something unique possible by melding together every ethnicity and tradition with different genres of music. In addition, the music is contributing to the improvement of seminal music styles that are widely known and appreciated by all.

What are we waiting for? So, let us quickly look at some of the genres of music forms that New Orleans music consists of!

Genres Of New Orleans Music

Blues from the Mississippi Delta:

Blues has their deep roots in mainly African and American history. Getting its name from “blue devils,” Blues expresses feelings of sadness and melancholy. The deep-south genre radiates emotion at a high rate compared to other musical forms, featured with blues scales, cathartic lyrics, call-and-response patterns, specific chord progressions, visceral instrumentation, and bass lines. Blues was originated right after the end of slavery in Africa in the 19th century. This notable band in the 1920s included Lead Belly, Son House, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Robert Johnson.

Jazz or the Dixieland:

Improved at the beginning of the 19th century, Jazz was originated from the communities belonging to Africa and America in New Orleans. The early days of Jazz started with Papa Jack Laine’s musical works, tagging along with hundreds of city musicians from different social statuses and ethnic groups. Following the same trend, Jazz gave birth to other music artists such as Bunk Johnson and Buddy Bolden, the leading jazz instruments pioneers. This is how we get to listen to the famous genre of music, Jazz, even today!

Zydeco from Black Creole Community:

Zydeco is a new form of the New Orleans music genre created by the black creole community from South Louisiana. Black creole community refers to a mixture of cultural people such as mixed African, European descent, Afro Caribbean, and Native American. This music genre mainly focuses on explaining and expressing the hardships and difficulties of everyday life in the South with style, grace, and artistry. Clifton Chenier, popularly known as the “King of Zydeco,” is one of the prominent musicians from Zydeco. Including him, there are Grammy Awardees like Sidney Simien, Rockin’ Dopsie, Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque, Rosie Ledet, and Goldman Thibodeaux.

R&B since the World War II:

By adapting the genres of traditional Blues, music of jazz time, and a few American-African mainstream acts of the age, R & B comes out as a brand new genre of New Orleans music. Rhythm and Blues (R&B) has made groundbreaking records with famous artists such as Smiley Lewis, Lloyd Price, Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, Professor Longhair, and Frankie Ford.


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