Pierre Cherbero and Audrey and The Face B

Pierre Cherbero and Audrey and The Face B

Pierre Cherbero:

Pierre Cherbero, known to some for being a member of The Roomates, whose performance on September 21 thrilled the Agora!

This evening, Pierre Cherbero will offer us his personal compositions, which are reminiscent of the popular French song of Yves Jamait and the melancholy of Yann Tiersen.
Pierre Cherbero is a revolted classic, a cut-away from the conservatory. He touches the piano like a Thelonious Monk confronting Liszt or Chopin and sings cut melodies in a suave voice, unless he gets carried away with his rocky flood like a megaphone manager. He presents his compositions from his future solo album, which is not confined to a single style but rather plays the music that punctuates his career. With this last opus uselessness “Voyage dans la dispersion et Retrouvailles”, it is a dream that he shares with his audience, a story in modern and popular music of French and American culture.


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