The Park at Saint Laurent sur Manoire

The Park at Saint Laurent sur Manoire

Last year, the light of the end of the day which was reflected on the stone on the edge of the park of  Saint-Laurent-sur-Manoire , had focused the astonishing symbiosis generated by the association of the singer Néo Orléanaise  Erica Falls  and the Périgourdins The Roomates .

This year, the atypical bond generated by the superposition of the two personalities of Australian singer guitarist  Hat Fitz  and Irish flutist percussionist vocalist Cara Robinson, followers, among others, of the ” swamp blues ” leading us into the Louisiana bayou and the bush. Australian.

Hat Fitz , folksinger and Cara Robinson are anchored in a modernity imprinted with a backward-looking and timeless spirit sweeping the Australian deserts. Artists should find the right lighting for this  nocturnal MNOPicnic …


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